Geoff Nicholls

Geoff Nicholls

Statistical modeling, Bayes Methods, Monte Carlo Methods.

I am an Associate Professor in Statistics at the University of Oxford and a Tutorial Fellow of St Peter’s College. I was Head of the Statistics Department at Oxford from 2012-2015.



  • L.J. Kelly, G.K. Nicholls, Lateral transfer in Stochastic Dollo models, Annals of Applied Statistics, to appear, 2017.
  • Amy K. Styring, Michael Charles, Federica Fantone, Mette Marie Hald, Augusta McMahon, Richard H. Meadow, Geoff K. Nicholls, Ajita K. Patel, Mindy C. Pitre, Alexia Smith, Arkadiusz Sołtysiak, Gil Stein11, Jill A. Weber, Harvey Weiss, Amy Bogaard, Isotope evidence for agricultural extensification reveals how the world’s first cities were fed, Nature Plants, to appear, 2017.