Xiaoyu Lu

Xiaoyu Lu

Machine learning, Gaussian Process, Bayesian Optimization, Adaptive Importance Sampling

I am a final year PhD student from the OxWaSp program, supervised by Professor Yee Whye Teh. My research interests lie in the field of machine learning. In Particular, I have completed several projects in Tucker Gaussian Processes, Relativistic Monte Carlo for Bayesian inference and Bayesian Optimization on combinatorial spaces. Currently I am working on the exploration-exploitation in adaptive importance sampling, from the view of a multi-armed bandit problem.



  • X. Lu, V. Perrone, L. Hasenclever, Y. W. Teh, S. J. Vollmer, Relativistic Monte Carlo, in Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS), 2017.
    Project: sgmcmc


  • H. Kim, X. Lu, S. Flaxman, Y. W. Teh, Tucker Gaussian Process for Regression and Collaborative Filtering, 2016.
    Project: bigbayes