Dominic Richards

Dominic Richards

Optimisation, Monte Carlo Methods

I am a first year DPhil, second year OxWasp, Student at the University of Oxford supervised by Yee Whye Teh and Patrick Rebeschini. Previously I studied MMORSE at the University of Warwick, completing my 4th year project on Sequential Monte Carlo with Adam Johansen.



  • D. Richards , P. Rebeschini , Graph-Dependent Implicit Regularisation for Distributed Stochastic Subgradient Descent, Journal of Machine Learning Research, vol. 21, no. 34, 1–44, 2020.


  • D. Richards , P. Rebeschini , Optimal Statistical Rates for Decentralised Non-Parametric Regression with Linear Speed-Up, in Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 32, H. Wallach, H. Larochelle, A. Beygelzimer, F. d’ Alché-Buc, E. Fox, and R. Garnett, Eds. Curran Associates, Inc., 2019, 1216–1227.