Anthony Caterini

Anthony Caterini

High-Dimensional Statistics, Monte Carlo Methods, Applied Mathematics

I am a DPhil student in Statistics at the University of Oxford, supervised by Profs. Arnaud Doucet and Dino Sejdinovic. Generally, I am interested in statistical methods for high-dimensional data, and I am currently working on scaling Kernel Stein Discrepancies.



  • A. Caterini, A Novel Mathematical Framework for the Analysis of Neural Networks, Master's thesis, University of Waterloo, 2017.


  • A. Caterini, D. E. Chang, A Geometric Framework for Convolutional Neural Networks, ArXiv e-prints:1608.04374, 2016.


  • M. Winlaw, M. Hynes, A. Caterini, H. De Sterck, Algorithmic Acceleration of Parallel ALS for Collaborative Filtering: Speeding up Distributed Big Data Recommendation in Spark, in Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS), 2015 IEEE 21st International Conference on, 2015, 682–691.